Distribution of this Compilation

Single copies of this compilation may for a limited period be obtained on a CD on request from [email protected] Anyone who possesses such a CD is free to make and re-distribute an unlimited number of copies for educational purposes. Copies should not be sold, but donations may be solicited to defray the costs of materials, packaging, and postage.

There is no reason why such a copy should not be uploaded to a Web site.

However it is re-distributed, the compilation as it appears on the CD should remain intact because it consists of over 1500 individual files holistically linked together to form one whole. Thus no matter what file appears on the screen of your computer at any particular time, you should always be able to "navigate" to any other file in the compilation. There is no objection to copying individual files but no file should be deleted because the removal of any part would destroy the integity of the whole and thus diminish its value as an educational resource.

There is no copyright in the compilation as such, but copyright on a very few works (notably some in the "University/Study" section) may not yet have expired.

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