Follow the Sun

Follow thy fair Sun, unhappy shadow,
Though thou be black as night,
And she made all of light,
Yet follow thy fair Sun, unhappy shadow.

Follow her whose light thy light deprives,
Though here thou liv'st disgraced,
And she in heaven is placed,
Yet follow her whose light the world revives.

Follow those pure beams whose beauty burns
That so have scorched thee
As thou still black must be,
Till her kind beams thy black to brightness turns.

Follow her while yet her glory shines:
There comes a luckless night
That will dim all her light;
And this the black unhappy shade divines.

Follow still since so thy fates ordained;
The Sun must have her shade
Till both at once do fade;
The Sun still proud, the shadow still disdained.

Thomas Campion, 1567-1620

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