Book 10 — The Creative Process in the Individual

by Thomas Troward

Contents List:

About Book 10
1 — The Starting-point
2 — The Self-contemplation of Spirit
3 — The Divine Ideal
4 — The Manifestation of the Life Principle
5 — The Personal Factor
6 — The Standard of Personality
7 — Race Thought and New Thought
8 — The Dénouement of the Creative Process
9 — Conclusion
10 — The Divine Offering
11 — Ourselves in The Divine Offering

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About the Author

A brief introduction to Judge Thomas Troward was given in Book 4.

About Book 10

The book in its present form was published in 1915. It was re-published By DeVorss & Company, PO Box 550, Marina del Rey, CA 90294, in 1991, ISBN: 0-87516-640-7.

Here, Troward sets forth a clear and simple theory of evolution deriving highly optimistic conclusions for the prospective future development of us human beings.

I am re-publishing this book in its entirety — partly because it is very concise, but particularly because its message is highly relevant as a counter to the dire apocalyptic prognostications which are currently rife in certain quarters and which, if uncontested, can only depress the human spirit and hinder human progress to ever-higher degrees of enlightenment.