Book 12 — Essays

by Thomas Troward

Contents List:

About the Author
About the Book
1: The Principle of Guidance
2: The "I Am"
3: Yourself
4: Desire as the Motive Power
5: The Central Control
6: Completeness
7: Submission
8: Mind and Hand
9: Entering into the Spirit of It
10: Beauty
11: Touching Lightly
12: A Lesson from Browning
13: Present Truth
14: Affirmative Power
15: The Spirit of Opulence

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About the Author

A brief introduction to Judge Thomas Troward was given in Book 4.

The Foreword to Book 11 is an appreciation of the author by his friend, Paul Derrick.

About the Book

This collection of essays was first published in 1921, 5 years after Troward's death. It is currently published By DeVorss & Company, PO Box 550, Marina del Rey, CA 90294, ISBN: 0-87516-705-9.

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