Book 16 — The Universal Spirit

by Thomas Troward

Contents List:

About the Author
About the Book
1: Consciousness of Spirit
2: The Science of Spirit
3: Intelligent Order
4: The Law of Spirit
5: The Harmony of Spirit
6: Application of Spirit

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About the Author

A brief introduction to Judge Thomas Troward was given in Book 4.

The Foreword to Book 11 is an appreciation of the author by his friend, Paul Derrick.

About the Book

The six chapters constituting The Universal Spirit were originally published as a series of articles in a publication I have hitherto been unable to trace. They constitute a single essay headed The Hidden Power which is included in a collection of Troward's essays currently published under that title by DeVorss & Company, PO Box 550, Marina del Rey, CA 90294, ISBN: 0-87516-705-5.

Having already re-published sixteen of the essays in the collection, I highlight the contents of this particular essay under a new title. My reasons are as follows: