Book 18 — A New Model of the Universe

by P D Ouspensky

Contents List:

About the Author
About the Book
Preface to the Second Edition
I — Esotericism and Modern Thought
II — The Fourth Dimension
III — Superman
IV — Christianity and the New Testament
V — The Symbolism of the Tarot
VI — What is Yoga?
VII — On the Study of Dreams and On Hypnotism
VIII — Experimental Mysticism
IX — In Search of the Miraculous: A Series of Sketches
Xa — Review of Cosmogony and Physical Science ca. 1925
Xb — Future Development of Physical Knowledge
XI — Eternal Recurence and The Laws of Manu
XII — Sex and Evolution

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About the Author

Please refer to the Introduction to Book 17.

About the Book

In Looking Backwards and Forwards, an essay I posted in the "World Views" section of this site in January, 2007, I suggested that there is now an urgent need for "latter-day Noahs" to prepare themselves to salvage what they can from the impending wreck of human civilisation on Planet Earth.

Reflecting further on this theme, I became increasingly impressed both by the potential gravity of the situation and, despite the thousands of "spiritual" books currently pouring from the world's presses every year, by the apparent scarcity of sources of clear, concise, cogent, authoritative information suitable for use by "budding Noahs".

In my Introduction to Tertium Organum, I referred to A New Model of the Universe as my first point of call when trying to clarify my own thoughts about the Universe, and there is certainly plenty of food for thought about the Universe in Chapter X — from which the book as a whole gets its title.

But the book is by no means limited to cosmology; and as I gradually became better acquainted with it, I realised that here in my hands was about as good a "Handbook for Budding Noahs" as I was ever likely to get. So I am now hastening to share what I believe to be vital knowledge with you as quickly as I can manage. I cannot guarantee to re-publish a chapter every month, but each chapter is so rich that it deserves long and careful attention.

Chapter I constitutes an essential foundation course which complements the Lectures in the "Hermetic Philosophy" section of the "Ardue University", and provides many threads of thought which help to tie the various parts of this site into one ever-more-coherent whole.

DM — Jan, 2007.