Book 20 — Science versus Materialism

by Reginald O. Kapp
(First published in 1940 by METHUEN & CO. LTD., LONDON)

Contents List:

Editor's Acknowledgment
About the Author
Author's Acknowledgment
Section I — Clearing the Ground
I. What the Book is About
II. The Characteristics of Living Bodies
III. Materialism
IV. The Biologist-Philosopher's Criterion
V. Determinateness — Complete or Not?
VI. The True Criterion
Section II. Double Determinateness
VII — A Parable
VIII — Mere Machines!
IX — Anthropomorphic Theories
X — Teleology
XI — Is Matter Helpful?
XII — A Problem
XIII — The Crystal Analogy
XIV — On Technical Terms
XV — To a Specification
XVI — Specification and EIDOS
XVII — The Judgment of Common Sense
XVIII — What Do Biologists Believe?
XIX — A Note on Evolution
XX — The Atom in Imagination and in Nature
Section III. The Material Universe
XXI — Introduction to Section III
XXII — The Laws of Physics
XXIII — On Explanations
XXIV — The Philosophy of Emergence
XXV — The Cosmic Specification
XXVI — A Note on the Origin of Matter
XXVII — Non-Material Reality
XXVIII — Non-Diathetic Reality
XXIX — What Next?

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Editor's Acknowledgment

I am most grateful to the author's son, John Kapp, for giving me permission to re-publish his father's books on this Web site.

About the Author"

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About Reginald O Kapp

Author's Acknowledgment

Many friends have helped me with this book. They have directed my reading, corrected my misconceptions, primed me with facts, suggested turns of phrase. Often they have done so unawares, ignorant of the investigations I was pursuing. How can I acknowledge my debt to each of them? Who can keep account of all the written and spoken words from which his own thought has been distilled? So I can name in gratitude only those who have read all or parts of the manuscript and helped me to eliminate many defects literary, scientific and philosophical. These are my wife, Dr. Dorothy Kapp; Dr H. Gruneberg of the Department of Zoology and Comparitive Anatomy at University College, London; Dr Wilkinson of the Department of Biology at University College, Swansea; Mr. W. B. Gallie of the Department of Philosophy at University College, Swansea; and Professor M. T. Smiley of the Department of Greek, University College, London.