Book 21 — Mind, Life, and Body

by Reginald O Kapp

Contents List:

Part I — The Problem in General Terms:
I — Some Basic Questions
II — A Definition of Matter
III — A Basic Question Re-formulated
IV — A Suitable Terminology
V — Relevant and Irrelevant Questions About Mind and Body
VI — Relevant and Irrelevant Questions About Life and Body
VII — The Case for Materialism
Part II — The Problem in Terms of Teleology:
VIII — Teleology and Vis a Tergo
IX — Antiteleology, Panteleology, and Localised Teleology
Part III — The Problem in Terms of Diathetics
X — Diathesis
XI — How Diathesis Is Transmitted
XII — A Path for Diathesis in Living Substance
XIII — Primary Relays
XIV — Causation With and Without Control
XV — Free Will and the Problem of Control
XVI — Mind and the Function of Timing
XVII — The Energy in a Primary Diathesis
XVIII — A Brief Recapitulation
XIX — Sundry Difficulties
XX — Towards a Solution

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