The Art of Synthesis

by Alan Leo

Contents List:

I — Man and the Planets
II — Planets and Consciousness
III — The Planets and the Seven Principles
IV — The Sun, Life Giver
V — The Moon, Mother
VI — Mercury, The Thinker
VII — Venus, The Unifier
VIII — Mars, The Energiser
IX — Jupiter, The Uplifter
X — Saturn, The Subduer
XI — Uranus, The Awakener
XII — Neptune, The Mystic
XIII — The Nativity and Its Relation to Heredity
XIV — Character Is Destiny
XV — The Rise and Fall of Planets
XVI — Methods of Synthesis
XVII — The Quadruplicities, or Qualities, Synthesised
XVIII — The Triplicities Synthesised
Examples of Horoscopes
An Astro-Theosophical Glossary

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