Book 4 — The Edinburgh Lectures
on Mental Science

by Thomas Troward

Contents List:

About the Author
About Book 4
1. Spirit and Matter
2. Intelligence — Higher and Lower
3. The Unity of the Spirit
4. Subjective and Objective Mind
5. Subjective and Objective Mind (Continued)
6. The Law of Growth
7. Receptivity
8. Reciprocal Action
9. Causes and Conditions
10. Intuition
11. Healing
12. The Will
13. Subconscious Mind
14. The Body
15. The Soul
16. The Spirit

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About the Author

Thomas Troward (1847-1916) must have been a modest man, because I can find no mention of him in biographical works of reference such as "Who Was Who". Yet he was a prominent figure in the Indian Civil Service, serving as Her Majesty's Assistant Commissioner and later Divisional Judge of the North Indian Punjab from 1869 until his retirement in 1896.

After his retirement, he devoted himself to painting (mainly seascapes) and to writing and lecturing on his great interest, metaphysical and esoteric studies.

Troward's contributions to the explanation of what he calls "Mental Science" are models of clarity, and I have myself found them most helpful in sorting and crystallising my own thoughts on "spiritual" matters. The following works, recently re-published by DEVORSS Publications of Marina del Rey, California, are available via Amazon:

Perusal of the "esoteric" explanations in "Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning" has for me undone much of the damage caused by the illogical and unreasonable constructions put upon puzzling passages by profesional clerics and lay Christian apologists, and restored my respect for a book which had a profound beneficial influence upon my childhood upbringing.

And although in all his books, Judge Troward keeps going over what is superficially the same ground, each traverse from a slighly different perspective brings out new relationships and highlights new implications.

About Book 4

I have found the thirteen lectures originally given by Judge Troward in 1904 in the Queen Street Hall, Edinburgh, to be the clearest and best-structured presentation of his philosophy.

Readers who are abreast of developments in modern physics should refrain from scoffing at Troward's scientific allusions where they seem "quaint" or outdated. He had a grasp of contemporary science that is rare among present-day legal dignitaries, and we should always bear in mind that his object was to use examples from physical science to make his "spiritual" meaning clearer to the reader.

Because of the popularity of the published lectures, Troward added a further three lectures by way of amplification of certain points. The present De Vorss edition also contains twelve lectures on similar topics given at the Doré Gallery, Bond Street, London in 1909.

These additional lectures are re-published on this site as Book 6.