Book 6 — The Doré Lectures
on Mental Science

by Thomas Troward

Contents List:

About the Author
About Book 6
1. Entering Into the Spirit of It
2. Individuality
3. The New Thought and the New Order
4. The Life of the Spirit
5. Alpha and Omega
6. The Creative Power of Thought
7. The Great Affirmative
8. Christ the Fulfilling of the Law
9. The Story of Eden
10. The Worship of Ishi
11. The Shepherd and the Stone
12. Salvation is of the Jews

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About the Author

A brief introduction to Judge Thomas Troward was given in Book 4.

About Book 6

Since Thomas Troward "passed on" in 1916, progress in civilisation has been evaluated almost exclusively in physical, technological and financial terms. The more "advanced" a society, the more its attention is focused on catering for the "animal" attributes of the human body without any consideration of what the body is for. When we have reached a stage at which artificial vegetative cloning is considered an "advance" over sexual reproduction, it is no wonder that thinking men and women are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their apparently pointless lives, and are desperately seeking for new (or renewed) meaning.

For such people, Troward's writings are a Godsend. He explains the Spiritual purpose for human life in clear, consistent language which helps the reader to "make sense" of other philosophical and religious works, many of which are now available on the Internet. He also makes it very clear that each individual human being is responsible for seeking a personal reason for living.

The Doré Lectures (given in 1909) expand on some of the themes in the Edinburgh Lectures (given in 1904).