Book 9 — Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning

by Thomas Troward

Contents List:

About Book 9
1 — The Creation
2 — The Fall
3 — Israel
4 — The Mission of Moses
5 — The Mission of Jesus
6 — The Building of the Temple
7 — The Sacred Name
8 — The Devil
9 — The Law of Liberty
10 — The Teaching of Jesus
11 — The Forgiveness of Sin
12 — Forgiveness, Healing, and the Other World
13 — The Divine Giving
14 — The Spirit of Antichrist

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About the Author

A brief introduction to Judge Thomas Troward was given in Book 4.

About Book 9

The book in its present form was published in 1913. It was re-published By DeVorss & Company, PO Box 550, Marina del Rey, CA 90294, in 1992, ISBN: 0-87516-674-4.

The title is self-explanatory: it sets out to expound many of the mysteries contained in the Bible, and it succeeds.

I am re-publishing the book now partly for its own sake and partly because it will prove a most helpful aid to students of the Ardue University as they advance in the degree lectures of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry as revised by Albert Pike.