The Mystery and The Mystic

by The Editor

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The Mystery
The Mystic
Not Mystification

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The Holy Spirit

The Mystery

Please permit yourself to contemplate the following three hypotheses:

  1. The Universe we perceive (or, rather, whatever imperceptible Being gives rise to it) never had a beginning.
  2. What seem to us to be beginnings and endings (such as days and nights) are merely cyclical episodes of manifestation in what (after Einstein) we call space-time.
  3. Any number of human (or humanlike) civilisations may have appeared, developed, declined, and disappeared before the moment of consciousness we call "now", and there is no reason to suppose that such cyclical processes or processions shall ever end.

The Mystic

If you can entertain these boundless hypotheses without undue discomfort, you may be ready to become a mystic.

Mentally shaking yourself free from the traditional myths and "comforts" that help you to feel "at home" in what is all-too-often portrayed as a strange and alien environment, consider yourself instead to be an integral component of the Universe, sharing its essential nature. You may then through self-contemplation be able to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the Universe by, as it were, mentally turning yourself inside out and realising your own soul, the essential living spark that only you may call "I", as representative of the Soul of the Universe, the Anima Mundi.


The mystic works in solitude. Yet when a quiet relaxed state of mind has been attained and vexatious thoughts from the exterior world of bodies have been dispelled, there need be no feeling of aloneness. Instead, a secure sense of the ever-present companionship of what I like to call The Holy Spirit enables one to glimpse the oneness of all.

In that inspiring energising Presence, new intuitions may be discerned, great clarity of thought can be achieved, and fresh impulses towards purposeful but selfless action may be received.

Mysticism Is Not Mystification

The genuine mystic, living "in Spirit and in Truth", has no need of deception or trickery. There is no desire to project personal power — because all power is conferred by the Spirit. Abuse of spiritual power isolates the abuser from the Source.