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Temple Development

Readers who are familiar with the Ardue Cyber-Temple will know that it is pretty much an intellectual construction (associated with the head, or the individual objective mind) which does not adequately represent the totality of the human being. The Temple has therefore been extended "below ground" to make room for a Ritual Crypt (representing the heart, or the individual subjective mind) which may be used for strictly non-sectarian cyber-convocations of readers who would welcome an occasional opportunity for collective spiritual participation.

General Description


Sketch of Ritual Crypt

The space of the Ritual Crypt is rectangular, the ratio of the length to the breadth being four to three. The long axis of the rectangle is oriented in the East-West direction. The ceiling is two units of length above the floor.

Lighting and Decor

When a ritual is in progress, the East of the Ritual Crypt is lit by concealed lighting which may be varied to give anything from a rich gold representing sunshine to an ethereal silver representing the light of a full moon. (It is possible to project on the East wall a representation of the full moon should that be required).

Thus, on entering from the West, the members will find the Crypt lit by a glow from the East, symbol of the Unknown GOD, the Universal Mind.

The remaining walls are uniformly coloured in a subdued greyish blue.


In the centre of the crypt is an altar in the form of a cube, covered with a cloth whose colour can vary depending on the occasion.

The members sit on benches lined up in an East-West direction in all four quadrants of the crypt.

The Officiating Lay Persons

In order of their appearance in the Crypt, these are:

4 Elders - representing Water, Fire, Earth and Air, all clad in silver-grey robes tied with a cord in the middle. The cords are coloured Light Blue (Water); Orange (Fire); Rich Green (Earth); and Pale Yellow (Air).The Elders sit in the South East (Water); North East (Fire); South West (Earth); and North West (Air).

4 Light-Bearers, clad in white robes, tied with cords coloured as for the Elders.

A Grail Maiden, clad in a white robe tied with a Light Blue cord and surmounted by an Orange stole decorated with a silver key on each end symbolising the Moon and the Lower Consciousness.

A Messenger, clad in a white robe tied with an Orange cord and surmounted by a Light Blue stole decorated with a golden key on each end symbolising the Sun and the Higher Consciousness.

All cords are tied on the left side of the body in the form of an ankh, i.e. with one loop at the top and both ends hanging down.

Apart from the Grail Maiden, who must be female, the officiating lay persons may be of either sex.

There are two separate seats in each quadrant of the crypt for the use of the Elder and Light-Bearer, so that by the side of each Light-Bearer there will be seated an Elder representing a Higher Wisdom (like the active and passive principles).

There are two additional seats in the East, one for the Grail Maiden and the other for the Messenger.

Also in the East, there are two lecterns, one in each quadrant, for the use of the Conductor and Messenger. The Conductor's Lectern may be moved to the West during rituals conducted by the Elders of Air or Earth.

A gong is placed in a position adjacent to the Conductor's Lectern.

The Ante-Chamber and Other Facilities

At the West of the Ritual Crypt proper, there is a chamber whose overall proportions are as three to two. The main part of this space is partitioned as a semicircular Ante-Chamber where the members assemble before a Convocation. There is no seating or furniture of any kind.

The remainder of this space contains separate vestries and toilet facilities for men and women, and a central passage from the exterior door into the Ante-Chamber.


Ceremonial rituals will take place four times a year as follows:

Ritual Music

Suggestions for musical excerpts appropriate for incorporation into the Rituals are given in Music.