In Memoriam — Doreen Browne

September, 2001

Doreen Browne, a wonderfully cheerful lady despite her painful disability, passed through transition in July, 1997. Shortly beforehand, Doreen contributed the following poem to the Ardue Web site. It is a fitting tribute to her memory.


The melody of the water falling;
The warmth of the sun shining;
The cool droplets in the mist rising;
And the beauty of the rainbow forming.
My heart singing.

A baby's arms, outstretched, grasping
My loving finger, dangling, tickling;
The tiny face, cooing, gurgling,
Chuckling, smiling,
Wide eyes trusting.
My heart singing.

No obstruction, life force flowing,
Freely ever its own seeking.
Round a wood fire, sparking, glowing,
Friends are sitting, dreaming, thinking;
Intellects discoursing, sharing
Glimpses of the truth emerging.

Aspen quivering, sunlight shimmering,
Bees humming, flowers blooming,
Colours blending, perfume wafting,
Impromptus playing, voices lifting,
My heart singing.

Doreen Browne, d. 1997

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