In Memoriam - Rowe S Giesen

September, 2001

It has come to my notice that Rowe S Giesen shed his veil of flesh in Reno, Nevada, on 30 May last.

Regular readers will know Rowe as "Fr RSG", the contibutor of the pictures which appeared in the Ardue Temple Gallery until non-receipt of fresh material prompted its removal last month.

As a final tribute to the memory of Fr RSG, I can think of nothing better than his carefully designed logo together with his own explanation of its meaning.

Fr RSG wrote:

The rose on the cross is a 'Rosicrucian' symbol. The sword symbolizes the "Two-Edged Sword of Truth"; the wings and the two opposing snakes with the sword form the "Caduceus", the symbol of healing of the Master Hermes Trismegistus of Egypt from which came the Hermes of Greek and Roman tradition.

The two-headed eagle with the crown as the "Supreme Symbol" represents the highest spiritual consciousness as the ultimate goal of each individual's evolutionary journey through incarnation, and is also reminiscent of the legendary "Phoenix" which rises from its own ashes and represents the perfection of self-regeneration or eternal life. It also symbolises the "Philosopher's Stone" or "Stone of the Wise" which gives its possessor the ultimate power of transmutation through purity of spirit, the actual "Gold of the Alchemists".

The outer ring consists of the twelve houses of the Zodiac and contains the twelve signs with their "Ruling 'Planets'".

The interlaced triangles represent the interdependence of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm and their interplay in the manifestation of the infinite and eternal "Creation" in the "Cycle of Necessity" as the means for the self realization of the "Infinite Absolute" (my term) or "The Cosmic/God".

         LLL, Fr. RSG

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