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Temple Development

Readers who are familiar with the Ardue Cyber-Temple will know that it began as an intellectual construction (associated with the head, or the individual objective mind) which does not adequately represent the totality of the human being. In 2001, the Temple was extended "below ground" to make room for a Ritual Crypt (representing the heart, or the individual subjective mind) which is used for strictly non-sectarian cyber-ceremonies for readers who like to mark significant points in the annual cycle by participating in some form of collective spiritual activity.

The time has now come to complete the "structure" of the Temple by introducing a second crypt below the Ritual Crypt to represent the subconscious mind (some might say the "super-conscious" mind, or the "Soul") from which arise the subliminal messages that so greatly influence (and may ultimately determine) our values and behaviour, usually without our being aware of them.

General Description

The space of the Well Crypt is cylindrical, like a drum, with a circular Well in the centre. The dots spaced out in a circle round the well represent meditating persons who may be standing, sitting, or squatting, using whatever furniture is provided in the mind of the individual meditator. The number of dots is not important: your vision may have as few or as many as you require for any particular occasion.

There are no doors or windows: admission is by imaginative spirit only. Details of lighting, decor, etc., are also left to the imagination of the individual meditator. This is a space in which the spirit can be entirely free to receive whatever impressions may arise from the depths of the sub-conscious.


The Well represents a spring of "living water" which, after falling upon the earth as precipitation, has percolated slowly through the hidden spaces in the earth's crust and now comes to the surface in the well, enabling us to draw upon all the subtle vibrations which each drop has accumulated during its unimaginably long and varied underground history — to say nothing of the endless cycles of its return to the ocean only to be evaporated and precipated again and again. Mystics find this a compelling analogy for the human soul.

Suggestions for Use

Whenever you need a break from the cares of the workaday world and wish to commune with your Inner Self, find some place where you can be undisturbed for a few minutes, and call up the vision of the Well Crypt. If you can set aside a fixed time during each day, so much the better.

As you "enter" and take your seat, mentally repeat the Opening Invocation:

"Master, as I enter here,
Quench my thirst and still my fear;
Reveal what you would have me do
And give me strength to follow through."

Populate the crypt with persons who are currently "on your mind" for whatever reason, and to whom you wish to send reconciling, healing, loving messages.

Meditate for as long as you wish or circumstances permit.

If you like to focus on a particular thought, the

Ardue Meditation Calendar may be helpful. Alternatively, if you are attuned to the rhythm of the Celtic Year, you will find much to inspire you in "The Celtic Spirit — Daily Meditations for the Turning Year" by Caitlin Matthews published by Hodder & Stoughton (ISBN 0-340-76557-7).

Close your attunement with your Inner Self by visualising all present joining hands. Receive light from the person on your left, send love to the person on your right, and visualise the circulating currents of light and love re-energising the lives of all the persons in the circle.

Finally, imagine that with each beat of your heart, a wave of light, life, and love ripples outwards from the well and spreads over the surface of the Earth to stimulate the spirits of all mankind.

Let the vision of the Crypt dissolve, return to normal consciousness, and silently or quietly repeat the Closing Invocation:

"May Light, Life, and Love ever radiate from the Well of my Soul".