Degree IV — Questions

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Degree IV Lecture

"To learn, to attain knowledge, to be wise, is a necessity for every truly noble soul; to teach, to communicate that knowledge, to share that wisdom with others, and not churlishly to lock up his exchequer and place a sentinel at the door to drive away the needy, is equally an impulse of a noble nature and the worthiest work of man." — Albert Pike.

1. Comment on the suitability of the World-Wide Web as a means of sharing knowledge.

2. "Wisdom is better than strength". Discuss this statement in the context of economic globalisation and its implications for the establishment and maintenance of peaceful co-operation among the people of the world.

3. Would you be happy to keep the secrets of your "brother" or "sister" in all conceivable circumstances? What conditions would have to be met before you could give such an undertaking? What are the implications for the governance of a brotherhood or sisterhood?

4. "Edicts which emanate from the mere arbitrary will of a despotic power, contrary to the law of God or the Great Law of Nature, destructive of the inherent rights of man, violative of the right of free thought, free speech, free conscience, it is lawful to rebel against and strive to abrogate." — Albert Pike.

a. What do you consider to be the 'inherent rights of man'?

b. Are there any laws of your country which offend your conscience and which you consider should be repealed?

5. Are you satisfied with the standards of fidelity which prevail in your local or national political, business and social circles? If not, what might you be able to do to improve them?