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Degree V Lecture

"Idleness is the burial of a living man. For an idle person is so useless to any purposes of God and man that he is like one that is dead, unconcerned in the changes and necessities of the world; and he only lives to spend his time, and eat the fruits of the earth. Like a vermin or a wolf, when his time comes, he dies and perishes, and in the meantime does no good. He neither ploughs nor carries burdens: all that he does is either unprofitable or mischievous." — Albert Pike.

1. Discuss the above quotation from the point of view of its implications for a "Welfare State".

2. To learn, and to do! This is the soul's work here below. — Albert Pike.

Distinguish between the "soul" and the "body". To which of them may "virtues" be attributed?

3. If every employer were a "Perfect Master" as described in this lecture, would there be any need for Trade Unions? What would be the implications for business and commerce, the legislature, public administration, and society in general?

4. Do you agree with what the lecture says about gambling? If not, why not? Comment on whether raffles and lotteries are appropriate as means of helping "good causes".