Degree XIII — Question Set 1

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1. Do you feel inspired to emulate Enoch to whatever extent you may be able in your own time and circumstances?

2. Can you envisage circumstances which might "overwhelm all the known world in one vast sea of ruin"?

3. By what means might it be possible to ensure the survival of the benefits of present-day civilisation in the event of such a catastrophe?

4. What do you understand by 'The "Lost" Word'? Would you like to find it? If so, where do you think you should begin your search?

5. What, in your opinion, is the allegorical significance of the number of arches referred to in this Degree?

6. "The idea of the One Living and True God was a plant of slow and gradual growth in the Hebrew mind; and if Moses, the Patriarchs, or the Priests had a true and adequate knowledge of Him and His attributes, they utterly failed to communicate that knowledge to the People at large." — Albert Pike..

a. What do you consider to be the condition of the "plant" in your own culture at the present time?
b. Is there a sufficiency of spiritual leaders who have "a true and adequate knowledge of God and His attributes" and the ability to communicate that knowledge to the people at large?