Degree XIII — Question Set 2

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1. Comment on the failure of the admirable principles expounded in the preceding Degrees to prevent the envy, jealousy, and rebellion described in the Lecture of this Degree.

2. Why does mere knowledge of the correct pronuciation of a "word of power" not confer "extraordinary and supernatural powers"? What else is necessary?

3. What do you understand by the "Mysteries"? How and to what extent do you consider an organisation conducted on similar lines to Freemasonry could fulfil the same objectives in the present-day world as the Mysteries did in their era?

4. The Degree Lectures you have studied up to this point may be considered as contributions to the further development of "the intellectual and enlightened few" among Freemasons. Comment on the value for any administrative, political, philosophical, or religious institution of having an "inner core" of exceptionally highly developed members. What characteristics should such members ideally possess?