Degree XIV — Question Set 1

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Degree XIV Lecture
The Master Key

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" — Lord Acton, 1834-1902.

1. What lessons do you draw from King Solomon's apostasy?

2. By what administrative means do you suggest it might be possible to maintain the desired standards of discipline and operational performance in an organisation to which you belong or might wish to belong?

3. By what signs might incipient decadence be detected?

4. In the Lecture, Free-Masonry is credited with having been instrumental in the transmission of certain doctrines. What are the key points of these doctrines? How have they been "added to, perverted, and corrupted"? How might you construct for yourself a set of reliable principles which you could live by without resorting to "blind faith"?

5. How, in spite of or because of their ultimate failure, did the Crusades benefit Western civilisation? What lessons, if any, may be derived for the conduct of international affairs in the twenty-first century? What role or roles could a reinvigorated Free-Masonry or equivalent organisation perform in today's world?