Degree XV — Questions

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Degree XV Lecture
"Just" War

1. What parallels can you draw between the period of Hebrew history referred to in this lecture and current affairs in the Middle East?

2. In the light of your knowledge of any period in the history of your country, discuss:

3. Can you think of any recent examples in which the exercise of military might has been beneficial for mankind in general? If the "God of Armies" were to retire, what idea of God do you imagine should prevail in his place?

4. "...such brief laws were enacted by the Elect as were absolutely indispensable to civil order and organisation for defence." — Albert Pike

5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of erecting a building such as a Temple, "stadium", or other striking landmark as a focus for national and/or religious fervour. Can you suggest any better alternatives?

6. Consider the "Masonic Lessons" given in this lecture.