Degree XVII — Question Set 1

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Degree XVII Lecture

1. What do you learn from this lecture about "fashions" in religion?

2. What do you understand by "Eclecticism"? What benefits can it confer? What dangers are implicit in its application? What responsibilities does its adoption impose on the individual?

3. Write an essay on "Gnosticism", explaining why it was so ruthlessly suppressed by the Roman Church.

4. How does this lecture account for "the first Hermes" and the preservation of his name down the centuries? How is his name linked with the adjective "hermetic"?

5. What does the development of Freemasonry owe to the "Mysteries" of Egypt? How is the memory of this debt preserved?

6. How did "foreign" ideas gradually permeate the originally exclusive Mosaic doctrines and become incorporated in the Hebrew canon (which Christians call the 'Old Testament')?