Degree XVII — Question Set 2

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Degree XVII Lecture

1. Suggest an explanation for the apparently universal tendency for people to associate perceived natural "laws" with heavenly bodies or animals, and to "personalise" them as hierarchies of human-like beings.

2. How do you account for the human tendency to create two mutually antagonistic hierarchies as exemplified in the Zend-Avesta? How is this tendency reflected in the society in which you live?

3. What fundamental change in their respective doctrines would be required to reconcile Ahriman with Ormuzd and the Pharisees with the Sadducees?

4. Discuss the proposition that the conflict and schism which characterise the history of Christianity can be traced to its roots?

5. What, and with what reservations if any, do you think current religions could learn from Essene doctrines and practice?