Degree XVIII — Question Set 1

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1. Distinguish in scale between "Universality" and "globalisation". Consider the implications of each from your personal point of view.

2. What, according to the Lecture, is the role of a "Redeemer"? Who were the "Samaneans" and the "Gymnosophists"? What, if anything, might motivate you to advance to a high degree in Freemasonry?

3. Can the dolmens and chambered tumuli of the British Isles and NorthWest Europe really be dismissed as mere "sepulchral monuments" or could they more plausibly have been designed originally as theatres for initiation into cosmic principles and "mysteries"?

4. Compare the ancient attempts to account for the manifestation of the Universe with what you know of current cosmological theories. Are you able to construct a personal theory that satisfies you?

5. Does a "Supreme Being" have a place in your personal philosophy of life? If so, what thoughts or ideas are associated with your conception? Do you find it easy to relate to "The Absolute" of the Neoplatonists?