Degree XVIII — Question Set 2

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Degree XVIII Lecture
The Mystics of Islam

1. What are the three teachings of the Degree of Rose Croix and the three "pillars" of the new Masonic Temple? Comment on the potential value of the principles enshrined in the dual triplicity of this Degree as guides to leading a satisfying life of beneficial service to humanity in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

2. Contemplate how the second, third, and fourth "apartments" referred to in this lecture symbolise features discernable in your familiar world. What impressions does this contemplation leave in your mind?

3. What is the source of all the apparent evil in the world? What can you do to combat it in your own immediate sphere of influence?

4. Can you think of any human institution that would not benefit from the active participation of dedicated Brethren of the Rose Croix? What arguments could you advance for the establishment or continuation in your country of an institution, organisation, or Order that emulates Freemasonry as a means of developing and training individuals to the highest possible standards of personal integrity, practical charity, and moral justice? Could it be a public body? If not, why not?

5. Which of the symbols referred to in the Lecture have most meaning for you? What additional light do they throw on your path? How do they help you to make important decisions?

6. The lecture advocates tolerance in respect of religious belief. Can you give examples of acts or behaviours which should not be tolerated?

7. Compare and contrast the sacrifice of Jesus and of Stephen with that of a suicide bomber. How would you distinguish martyrdom from other "sacrifices"?