Degree XXII — Questions

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Degree XXII Lecture

1. Compare and contrast the relations that existed between Israel and Lebanon in King Solomon's time with those currently prevailing. Does the Lecture for this Degree suggest any means by which hatred and conflict might be converted into friendship and co-operation?

2. "Man perfects himself by working." — Albert Pike
Comment on whether and to what extent your personal experience bears out the truth of this statement from both a physical and a psychological point of view.

3. a. What do you understand by "duty"?
3. b. What distinction, if any, do you make between duty as a contractual obligation and duty as a sense of moral responsibility.

4. Contemplate the paragraphs headed Idle Riches, Capital Application and Beneficial Poverty. Discuss their relevance to:
a. laws of copyright and patents, and suggest for each a maximum period of validity.
b. pensions.
c. state "welfare" systems.

5. In the light of this lecture, how do you think a Freemason should act with respect to the slogan "Make poverty history"?

6. a. What does history teach about the rate at which the global "Wheel of Fortune" is turning now as compared with its speed in King Solomon's time?
6. b. What major changes in the politico-economic situation of your own country do you foresee in the next twenty-five years?

7. What is your personal purpose in life?

8. Comment on whether and why the subject matter of this lecture is, or is not, appropriate at this particular stage in the Freemason's development.