Degree XXIV — Question Set 4

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Lecture for Degree XXIV

1. What can you discover about the geographical and historical circumstances of Egypt that may have contributed to its becoming a principal centre for the development and dissemination of the Mysteries?

2. Write your own account of the "Egyptian Legend" as:
a. a symbolic representation of the Solar System;
b. a drama depicting salient features of human psychology.

3. a. What cyclic processes are significant features of your own metabolism?
3. b. What natural cyclic processes can be observed within a human life span of, say, seventy years?
3. c. What cyclic processes with a period longer than seventy years may be inferred from observation of the heavens?
3. d. Do you know of any natural processes which can be shown to be incompatible with any form of rhythm or periodicity?
3. e. By what means might knowledge of long-term cycles have been preserved for posterity from pre-historic times?

4. What social consequences flowed from the presence in society of a small number of individuals to whom the Mysteries taught the "law and order" pervading the Universe and provided suggestive poems, sagas, myths and legends for the entertainment and enlightenment of "ordinary" folk?

5. How do you account for the disorder and lawlessness that prevails in so many societies today?