Degree XXIV — Question Set 7

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Lecture for Degree XXIV

1. How would you distinguish between the Mysteries and "ordinary" theatrical treatments of the vagaries and dilemmas of human psychology.

2. "Death is the inseparable antecedent of life" — Albert Pike.
a. Discuss the possibility that all natural phenomena can be described in terms of cycles arising from the greater or lesser activity of each of two opposing principles.
b. What else would be required to avoid systemic failure should one principle overcome the other?

3. a. What do you understand by "soul" or "psyche"?
b. Can you think of any alternative to soul that would account for the obvious differences in behaviour exhibited by people whose bodies are, for practical purposes, virtually indistinguishable from each other?
c. If your personal view of the relationship between body and soul were generally accepted, how should it be reflected by priorities in education, medicine, work, and social policy?

4. Write your personal appreciation of the combined use of symbolic imagery and number as educational aids to understanding and retention of the scientific, philosophic, and cosmological principles expounded in the Mysteries.

5. Write your personal appreciation of the freedom with which the Mysteries were able to combine universality of "curriculum" with variety of presentation.