Degree XXV — Question Set 3

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Lecture for Degree XXV
Personal Integration
Noumena and Karma

1. a. How would you distinguish between "being" and "existence"?
1. b. Attempt to construct a personal mental "model" to explain the mystery of your personal life and experiences.

2. On its return [i.e. after "death" — Ed.], it [the soul — Ed.] restores to each sphere through which it ascends the passions and earthly faculties received from them: to the Moon, the faculty of increase and diminution of the body; to Mercury, fraud, the architect of evils; to Venus, the seductive love of pleasure; to the Sun, the passion for greatness and empire; to Mars, audacity and temerity; to Jupiter, avarice; and to Saturn, falsehood and deceit; and at last, relieved of all, it enters naked and pure into the eighth sphere or highest Heaven. — Albert Pike.

There is an astonishing coincidence between the characteristics assigned by Jacob to his sons and those of the signs of the Zodiac or of the planets that have their domicile in those signs. — Albert Pike.

Discuss the possible validity of astrology as a guide to cyclical and temperamental variations in the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics of personal life.

3. The last of these Powers, nearest to the luminous abode of souls, was a serpent or dragon. — Albert Pike.

Discuss the possible symbolism underlying the title of the twenty-fifth Degree.