Degree XXVI — Question Set 2

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Lecture for Degree XXVI
Consciousness, Laws, and Influences
Man's Place in the World
The Creation

1. a. How does the idea of a tripartite "godhead" reflect what seems to be a fundamental "Law of Three" underlying all creation?
b. To what extent may the various attempts to account for the "created world" be accounted for as combinations and permutations of the Law of Three with the "Law of Seven"?
c. What consequences for good or ill can be traced to the replacement of the Brahmin trinity by the Zoroastrian duality?
d. Compare the evolution of powers and attributes described in this Degree with the Ray of Creation described in the Hermetic System Lectures 5 and 19?

2. a. In Gnosticism, a Demiurge is an assistant to the Supreme Being in the act of creation. Read The Creation in Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning and consider whether, how, and to what extent the individual human being can be considered a demiurge?
b. Is a demiurge necessarily hostile to the Supreme Being?
c. What is your personal view as to how evil might have arisen in the world?
d. What difficulties do you experience in trying to express your cosmological views in ordinary language?