Degree XXVI — Question Set 4

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Lecture for Degree XXVI
Man's Place in the World
Physics and the Study of Man
The Immense Problem of Language
Exercise 3

1. Read as many as you can of the documents listed above under "See also:". Perform Exercise 3 and try to imagine yourself as being at the centre of an infinite Universe. What thoughts occur to you? If convenient, write them down. Repeat the exercise next week and review your written ideas.

2. a. Have you ever seen a force?
2. b. Are you able to account for the existence of the various kinds of force referred to in the lecture for the 26th Degree and in the other references?
2. c. Do you doubt the existence of any of these forces?
2. d. Do you have any difficulty in living with, or making use of, phenomena you do not fully understand?