Degree XXVI — Question Set 5

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Lecture for Degree XXVI
Remembering Oneself
An Infinite Rope
Creative Power
The Master Key

1. a. What does "consciousness" mean to you?
1. b. How many different states of consciousness do you recognise in yourself?
1. c. Do you notice any variation in your state of consciousness when you are awake?
1. d. Are you able to "remember yourself" as described in Lecture 3 in the Hermetic Philosophy Series?
1. e. Can you conceive your present "self" as a "cross-section" of a karmic rope woven into the texture of infinity?
1. f. How does such a conception help you to interpret what you can recall of your past life (or lives) and prepare you for whatever further "weaving" you may have to undergo in the future?

2. a. Are you impressed by what is said in the Degree Lecture, in Creative Power, and in The Master Key about the power of thought?
2. b. Are you inclined to be tolerant of differing interpretations of the Universe and practical applications of these interpretations?
2. c. Do you consider yourself to be, in principle, a "Scottish Trinitarian"?