Degree XXVII — Questions

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Lecture for Degree XXVII
"Just" War

1.a. What do the "virtues" of truth, duty, and loyalty imply for you?
1.b. In what order of priority would you place these virtues in your present circumstances?
1.b. Would you make any changes in this order in the conditions likely to prevail in your environment before, during, and after a war?

2.a. What lessons can you draw from the history of the military Orders of Knighthood?
2.b. Which of these lessons, if any, would be applicable to an order of conscientious objectors?

3. Lord Acton, 1834-1902, is reputed to have written: "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely". This Masonic lecture provides an example which suggests that even knightly oaths are not proof against the abuse of power. Can you suggest any counter-example?