Degree XXVIII — Question Set 1

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Lecture for Degree XXVIII

1. a. What reason is given in this Lecture for reviewing the history of religion?
1. b. Are there any branches of "knowledge" to which this reason does not apply? If so, list them.

2. Comment on the educational value of theatrical performances for illustrating natural, physical, and psychological truths.

3. "The soul of man was as the seed hidden in the ground." Meditate on these words and, afterwards, write down the thoughts that occur to you.

4. "The unseen Mover of the Universe was rashly identified with its obvious fluctuations." Why "rashly"?

5. "But the death of the Deity, as understood by the Orientals, was not inconsistent with his immortality."

a. Do you fear death?
b. Do you think a motor-car or a computer fears death?
c. Do you think animals fear death as much as many humans seem to? If not, why not?
d. Would you fear death if you were convinced that the real "you" is not a physical body (like a motor-car) but an "immortal soul" of which the body is merely a temporary extension? If so, why?
e. Having considered these questions, can you identify a "Life principle"?
f. If so, does it help you to decide how you should live?