Degree XXVIII — Question Set 3

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Lecture for Degree XXVIII
The Republic
The Laws of Manu
The Immense Problem of Language

1.What can you discover about Menou (more commonly referred to as "Manu")?

2. "He [the Divinity — Ed.] had this thought: Behold the worlds; I will create guardians for the worlds. So He took of the water and fashioned a being clothed with the human form." — Albert Pike.

"When a man, absolutely disengaging himself from his senses, absorbs himself in self-contemplation, he comes to discern the Divinity, and becomes part of Him." — Albert Pike.

Write an essay to help present-day readers to understand the Hindu answer to the question: "Why is there something rather than nothing?". Are you satisfied with their explanation for the creation of the Universe and of man?

3. When people are contemplating a puzzling phenomenon, they frequently ask one another: "What do you make of it?" Could such a question have given rise to the Egyptian idea of the Demiurge? [c.f. Jean Charon's world of "Word".]

4. Why do some religions forbid the making or use of images purporting to represent God?