Degree XXVIII — Question Set 4

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Lecture for Degree XXVIII
The Religion of the Celts

1. "The Druids were the sole interpreters of religion. They superintended all sacrifices, for no private person could offer one without their permission. They exercised the power of excommunication; and without their concurrence, no war could be declared or peace made. They even had the power of inflicting the punishment of death. They professed to possess a knowledge of magic, and practised augury for the public service." — Albert Pike

What could you say for and against the institution in a present-day state of a religion resembling Druidry?

2. Write an essay on "Words of Power".

3. Write down your own ideas about:
a. whether or not you have a soul as distinct from a body.
b. whether or not your soul (if you have one) is immortal.
c. reincarnation or transmigration of souls.
d. reasonable or plausible alternatives to account for differences in personal temperament.

4. a. Do you have an "inbuilt" sense of justice?
4. b. What do you understand by "karma"?
4. c. How do you account for the widely held notion of a "Day of Judgment"?