Degree XXVIII — Question Set 5

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Lecture for Degree XXVIII
Overcoming Personal Difficulties

1. a. How do you account for the importance attached to number in the "Mysteries".
1. b. To what numbers, if any, do you personally attach particular significance?
1. c. Why is special importance accorded to the number three?
1. d. What principle underlies the "Law of the Triangle"?
1. e. What is implied when someone is said to be "on the square"?
1. f. What do you understand by the "quintessence"?

2. a. Comment on the significance of numerical and alphabetic symbology as an aid to realising some of the essential attributes of an invisible, intangible Supreme Being.
2. b. What does the letter 'G' represent in the Second Degree?
2. c. Why are there only three "essential degrees" in Masonry?

3. a. What, according to this lecture, appears to be "missing" from the Third Degree?
3. b. Express in your own words the "sublime and philosophical" doctrine which underlies the banal "plot" of the ritual.
3. c. Can you find examples of a similar "double doctrine" in, for example, the plays attributed to Shakespeare?
3. d. Why are certain doctrines not open to everybody?

4. a. In the light of this and what you recall of the preceding Masonic lectures, can you see a continuing role for Freemasonry as a unifier of all religions?
4. b. What obstacles stand in the way of its becoming a global religion?