Degree XXX — Question Set 1

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Lecture for Degree XXX
Lecture for Degree XXVII

1. Compare the origin of the Knights Templar as described in the Lecture for Degree XXX and that of the Knights of St John as recounted in the Lecture for Degree XXVII.

2. a. Who was St Bernard?
2. b. What factors, in your opinion, enabled the Knights Templar to become so rich and so powerful in so short a time?
2. c. Write your own notes on the theme: "The Hospitallers and the Templars as Allies and Rivals".
2. d. If a common enemy is a necessary condition for the formation of an alliance between rival factions, by what means, if any, can mankind look forward to attaining "peace on Earth and goodwill to all men"?
2. e. Do your answers to these questions suggest any practical "route map" towards solving current problems in Palestine?