Degree XXX — Question Set 2

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Lecture for Degree XXX
The Republic

1. Write essays on:
a. Politics: Religious and Secular.
b. What I Understand by "Morality".
c. Why Torture?
d. "Human Rights" in Theory and Practice.

2. Imagine yourself as the Pope or his equivalent in other religions or walks of life. How could you be certain of using your powers and/or influence so as to do more good than harm?

3. a. How much weight should be given to confession in determining the guilt or innocence of an accused person?
3. b. If you were serving on a jury in a court of law, what precautions would you take against being unduly influenced by your own prejudices or by the dialectic skills of counsel for the prosecution or defence?
3. c. In the case of Jacques De Molay, how do you imagine your judgment of his guilt or innocence would have varied from the year before his arrest through the various stages of his trial to the year after his death?
3. d. What verdict would you give on De Molay today?