Degree XXX — Question Set 3

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Lecture for Degree XXX
Unity and Symbolism
Of Truth
The Republic

1. a. How would you distinguish between freedom and licence?
1. b. To what extent do you consider allegiance to a noble cause could protect you from indulging in excesses arising from the "lusts of the flesh"?
1. c. How would it be possible to reconcile such an allegiance with the preservation of personal freedom?

2. In the Lecture, consider carefully the last paragraph of the section headed "Fight for Freedom". Then answer the following questions:
a. Can you be certain that warfare is always against "Powers of Evil"?
b. Is there any guarantee that "public opinion" can ensure good government?
c. What is the present name of the "mighty Republic in the West"?
d. Has the republic referred to overthrown abuses and eliminated torture?
e. What do you imagine to be the "rights of the People"?
f. Are such "rights" everywhere coming to be recognised as the foundation of civil power and government?
g. Or is the concept of "human rights" coming to be seen as a snare and a delusion in combatting human "wrongs"?

3. a. What does "Truth" mean for you?
3. b. Try to think of examples of truth in action (whether of thought, word, or deed).
3. c. In the light of your examples, can you identify a "kernel" of truth?
3. d. If so, can you encapsulate it in a short senstence?