Degree XXXI — Questions

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Lecture for Degree XXXI
The Republic by Plato

1. To what extent may the Lecture for this Degree be considered the capstone of a pyramid of Masonic wisdom?

2. Divorce the ideal notion of "human rights" from the practical impossibility of "human equality", and what are you left with?

3. Is it "just" that the vast number of humans alive in the world today should use all its resources to serve their own lifetime interests without regard to the interests of succeeding generations?

4. Compare and contrast the relative virtues of statute law and the individual conscience as guides to personal conduct.

5. In your opinion, why is man the only species on Earth that has devised and adopted systems of government?

6. a. In your opinion, is what is currently referred to as "the international community" a practical reality or an illusory phantom?
6. b. In the light of your answer, consider whether it is "just" for "the international community" to interfere in the internal affairs of any sovereign state.

7. Is justice likely to be better served by ad hoc local adaptation to actual necessity or by "international" political, economic, or military pressure motivated by fear of anticipated crises which might never eventuate?