Degree XXXII — Question Set 3

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Lecture for Degree XXXII
Holistic Cosmology
The Stream of Consciousness
The Law of Three in Action

Study the three sections beginning with that headed Duality.

1. Meditate upon the relationship between consciousness and duality and draw your own conclusions therefrom.

2. What Light do your conclusions cast upon the meaning Life and all its variety?

3. "The great aim of reason is to generalise: to discover unity in multiplicity, order in apparent confusion; to separate the stable and universal from the transitory and accidental. In the contemplation of Nature and the vague but almost intuitive perception of a general uniformity of plan among endless varieties of operation and form, arise those solemn and reverential feelings which, if accompanied by intellectual activity, may eventually ripen into philosophy."

a. Does the above quotation from the Lecture 'ring true' for you?
b. Can you identify any quality in yourself that plays the part of the stabilising or neutralising force complementing the active and passive parts in the drama of the 'Three Forces'.