Degree XXXII — Question Set 7

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Lecture for Degree XXXII
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science
The Doré Lectures on Mental Science
Unto Thee I Grant The Economy of Life
The Master Key

1. Can you identify with a "Shining Exemplar" or ideal "Superman" with which you are already familiar, or would you prefer to create your own?

2. Discuss the assertion that the ultimate purpose of education is to train the will.

3. Summarise your appreciation of these Masonic Lectures as contributions to your personal education.

4. To what extent do you think membership of a school or other organisation rooted in a holistic philosophy of life would help you to create and persevere in a morally satisfying way of life?

5. The motto of the Degree XXXII is "My Hope is in God". Are you able to suggest a better source of hope than the God of your own heart?