Lecture 47 — Whatever Next?

by The Compiler

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From Cycles to Astrology
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Looking back, I can see that I compiled this web site chiefly because I was born with leanings towards mysticism which somehow survived a mainly scientific formal education.

After pursuing my natural inclination in compiling these pages, I am left in no doubt that the Universe is just what it says: ONE WHOLE; and that the principles on which it is ordered are reflected in the patterns we humans can discern in Nature — and particularly in ourselves, when we take the trouble to turn our attention inwards. There is a discernible unity in our obvious diversity which entitles us to believe that each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Our task is to attempt to get to grips with the inevitable dichotomy of our situation as independently active components carried along by a great cosmic tide which we have no power to alter. We must go with the flow; but we can make minor movements of our own. We can also contrive to discover patterns in Nature which suggest the presence of eddies and counter-currents in the stream; and we may be able to take advantage of some of these to attain some self-determined objectives. However, as parts of a greater whole, we have a responsibility so to conduct ourselves that, in our struggles to gain our own ends, we do not inadvertently interfere with the equally appropriate ends of our fellow-microcosms.

From Cycles to Astrology

No dweller on Earth can be unaware of the cyclic alternation of day and night. Those of us who live in sub-tropical climes cannot ignore the cycle of the seasons. Down the ages, some people who were more observant than others noted the movements of the heavenly bodies over long periods of time, and study of their records reveals complexes of cycles within cycles.

In his Study of History, Arnold Toynbee analysed the rise and fall of the world's known civilisations. Financiers and businessmen today observe and chart variations in prices and volumes of trade and attempt to identify cyclic movements which they hope will help them to trade profitably.

Although many so-called "educated" people are still contemptuous of astrology, there is good reason to set scepticism aside for long enough at least to consider whether there may not be sufficient evidence of patterns of correlation between the entirely predictable cyclical motions of the lights in the night sky and those events on Earth which are in large part determined by the concerted actions of human beings, whether or not the individuals playing a part in the concert are aware of what they are doing. I myself am persuaded to accept Dr Jung's archetypes of the collective unconscious as unacknowledged movers and shakers of populations and am quite prepared to consider the possibility that something very akin to such archetypes operate throughout the Universe.

Hence, rather too late in life to make much of a practical personal contribution, I have come to the view that in-depth study of astrology as an aid to understanding world affairs could have a most significant influence upon the further development of human consciousness.

Sources of Information

In addition to several works already contained in the Ardue site, I have found the following both stimulating and informative:

I must pay particular tribute to the inspiration of my late friend, Gordon Strachan, author of, inter alia: Thank you, Gordon. I shall miss your humorous touch in sharing your scholarship. [A tribute to Gordon may be found at Rev. Gordon Strachan — Ed.]

Finally, I am pleased to draw attention to a computer program by Peter Meyer which calculates and displays planetary aspects and transits. Please see:
Hermetic Systems.


As a raw beginner in the study of astrology, I have no authoritative advice to offer readers. Nevertheless I very much hope that readers of these pages will be inspired to conduct their own researches and record the results of practical applications of their findings in their own lives.

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